The Distributed Art Object Framework, version 1.2


Distributed Object Framework V.1

  • Files is zipped, hashed, uploaded to IPFS
  • Any file, or set of files can be uploaded this way
  • Legally binding announcement via twitter
  • Contains file hash, ipfs hash, public wallet address where token is stored
  • Distributed storage
  • Upload zipped file
  • File becomes immutable and indelible once uploaded
  • Issues location hash
  • Redundant json file for metadata
  • States parameters of the work
  • Individual to each work
  • Transfers ownership of the COA
  • Artist resale royalties
  • Automatic percentage of resale of token distributed to artist’s wallet
  • Issues token signifying ownership
  • Embedded on the blockchain
  • Embeds IPFS location hash
  • Embeds file hash
  • ERC-721 token
  • Token contains metadata pointing to the other information
  • Ipfs hash
  • COA hash
  • File hash
  • Token could be eventually used for access to file through wallet viewer
  • Wallet viewer
  • Manages user identity on the system, by tokens, enables access to the work
  • Complex modular licensing schemes




Resale Royalties

Certificate of authenticity

  • name of the artwork
  • the year it was created
  • The medium
  • The description of its parameters, which could include its dimensions, i.e. pixel aspect ratio, or any other identifying information that delineates the nature of the work.
  • Instructions for exhibition
  • Instructions for re-instantiation or upgrading the work
  • Previous owner

Distributed Storage

Smart Contract

Contract as Art

The finance of art

Content and the Means of Distribution

Defining a community context for the distributed object

Distributed Governance and Liquid Democracy: Tap the rockies, taste the rainbow

Co-investment cooperatives and localized currencies:

Circular Economies aka. Saving the bunnies

Distributed Autonomous Artist Space: my punk house has 50 roomates



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